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Our company is known for its High-Quality Grade products that exceed industry standards

High-Quality Grade


FSL branded products are manufactured under controlled conditions in accordance with internationally acclaimed product standards. In today’s age of intense competition, very few brands enjoy a decisive edge in free market; FSL is giving best steel rate in Pakistan. This has been possible because of sheer commitment, extensive efforts, unrivaled expertise and fair dealings; a matchless combination with ultimate benefit going to the customer.

write it more informative but dont change keywords which are using in it “Fazal Steel (Pvt) Limited produces high-quality grade reinforcement rebars Grade 40 [280], Grade 60 [420], Grade 75 [520], Grade 80 [550] and Grade 100 [690] conforming to standards ASTM 615A, BS 4449, BS 4461 and AASHTO M-31, sizes from 9mm to 43mm deformed, plain rebars”

FSL’s high-quality steel rebars are the preferred choice for critical construction projects across Pakistan. With a strong presence in bridge construction, dams, powerhouses, nuclear projects, motorways, airports, cement plants, and high-rise buildings, our steel rebars deliver exceptional strength and reliability. Stay updated with the latest steel rates in Pakistan and Islamabad today as we offer competitive prices for our top-notch steel products. Trust FSL for your construction needs and benefit from our superior quality and competitive pricing.


Deformed Rebar for the Reinforcement of Concrete

Chinese Standard

Plain Rebar

Earthquake Resistant Rebar

Cold Twisted Rebar


Heavy Round Rebar

Micro Alloy Steel Rebar

Corrosion Resistance Steel Rebar and Steel Sections






BS 4449



International Standards

International Standards


Grade 40, Grade 60

HRB 400, HRB 500

Grade 40, Grade 60

Grade 60

Grade (250 & 460 N/mm2)


Grade 60