Why Fazal Steel?

FSL ensures that all quality parameters are strictly adhered to on consistent basis. The expertise in manufacturing and quality of raw material utilized makes FSL branded steel rebars an extremely product for quality conscious customers.

Finer Grain Structure

Size reduction from billet to the rebars is done gradually in multiple stages for better and consistent grain structure. Refined and finer grain structure give better metallurgical properties to the rebars for longer life.

Stone Ageing

Due to unique, scientific manufacturing process and chemical composition, Fazal Steel rebars show no tendency of brittleness either during welding or cold deformation of welded joints.

Bend Properties

Fazal Steel rebars have excellent bend properties due to unique ductility (elongation values).

Earthquake Resistance

Fazal steel rebars have high fatigue resistance to Dynamic/Seismic loads due to its higher ductility. This makes Fazal steel rebars most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.

Higher Strength

Fazal Steel rebars have high strength and are available in all the grades. So, now you can have high strength rebars and thus can easily cut the overall costs by optimizing consumption.

Precise Gauge Control

Gauge Control System ensures precise and accurate weight of the bars by controlling gauge of the rebars automatically between stringent tolerances.

Perfect Roundness

Tension-less rolling during the process ensures reduction of oval shapes, which is generally present in traditional rolling mills. The automatic system ensures consistent, uniform properties and precise round shapes.

Higher Bonding Strength

Fazal Steel rebars with their uniform and precise rib pattern ensure better bonding strength with concrete. This gives higher strength to the structure and hence a longer life.